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LaDream Records Producer Response Rate is = 19 %

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LaDream Records Bio:

My name is Abdul Hakim CEO of LaDream Records I am an Engineer/Producer looking for male and female artist to feature on my tracks to take to Warner and Universal Records. For more info visit us online at: WWW.LADREAMRECORDSSTUDIOS.COM or hit us up at: www.myspace.com/ladreamrecords.

What kind of singers I am looking for?

I'm looking for someone dedicated to their career as well as being professional. The genre that I preferr is R&B and Neo-Soul. But I will work with anyone as long as their dedication to this music thing is REAL

My Past works/Achievements:

As of right now, keeping it real I've worked with a lot of talented people unfortunate nothing ever panned out. I've been in the industry 5 years now since the Passing of my MOTHER. I've worked with Pop artist, Gospel artist, R&B artist, Rap artist, and currently I'm working with a few independent artist from Czar Entertainment. My desire as an Engineer is to make your music powerful, as of recently I've been certified as a PROTOOLS OPERATOR. My dedication is my motivation so if you're serious, hit me up!

Contact LaDream Records

LaDream Records Looking for these Criteria's:

Age: ANY

Sex: ANY

Location: United States

Genre: ANY

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