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John Nance Entertainment Bio:

John Nance is recognized as one of the premier active entertainers in America. In 1976 John started John Nance Entertainment initially to provide entertainment during Urban Crisis breaks with pre-recorded music on reel to reel tapes. In 1984 John produced and hosted the Local Origination Television Show MusicVision. MusicVision Featured Chicagoland's top performing bands in a musical jukebox format. John was the Producer / Co-Host sharing the stage with such notables as Barbra Stanek (WGCI), Dan Michaels (WLUP/WCKG), Alicia Torres (WGCI) and (the late) Diane Shanin (Singer / Songwriter) and others. MusicVision was viewed regularly on Friday Nights by thousands of faithful viewers in the 37 communities that surrounded the city of Chicago and was compared to The Chicago Sun Times and NBC News contrasted to then upstart MTV. Later that year The National Federation of Local Cable TV Producers heralded as "The Hottest Local Origination Cable TV Program in America in '84. Notable performers included Deon Jackson, Alvin Cash, Billy Branch, Captain Sky, Bad English, Buster Benton, Bohemia, Zoetrope, Sy Zyad and a host of others. In 1984 John became the lead guitarist, producer and arranger for Deon Jackson ("Love Makes The World Go 'Round") in his band Sunlight spending a great deal of time in recording with the band while providing entertainment services for selected clients. Today John Nance Entertainment is recognized as one of the premier entertainment organizations in the world. John Nance Entertainment produces the annual Evanston Music Reunion Festival (a.k.a. "Evanstock") in Evanston, Illinois and was also selected as the Exclusive US Partner for the global Karaoke World Championship Organization. The Karaoke World Championship Organization with Headquarters in Heinola, Finland and hosts an annual competition that consists of contestants from 32 nations. John has continued to service and maintain prominent long term entertainment clients and spend time in recording studios. His goal is to provide alternative sources of entertainment and learning globally. For additional information please visit: www.johnnanceentertainment.com www.evanstock.org www.kwc.fi www.stepnorth.com

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Only the great ones

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John Nance Entertainment has provided entertainment at more than 10,000 events incorporating advance technology and talent.

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