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Neanderthol Entertainment Bio:

Im Fish!! A Producer / Engineer, for Neanderthol Ent. LLC, & Manager for "THE CAVEBOYZ!!" I've been involved with music for over 25yrs. Producing, Writing, Performing, Recording, DJ'ing etc.. If it's music it's in me! It began at age 7, taking piano for several years. I then switched, & took drums until I graduated from high school. In between, I formed a group of DJ's, & a Rap group, & performed around the Gulf Coast of MS, Alabama, N. Mississippi, & N. Alabama, just anywhere I could, trying to build a name for myself. I stopped to play football in college, &; jess BALL in general, & that's about it, its been me & my music! I love jess about all music (can't STAND HOUSE!). I grew up in a place where you could walk down the street, & here 5-10 different kinds of muisc on 1 block! Jazz, Blues, Pop, R&B, Soul, Reggea, Rock, Hard Rock, etc... They're all standard in S. Mississippi. DA GOLDEN GULF COAST BABY, 3rd COAST!!!!! Then came Hip Hop, & OH BOOOOY!! That was for me!!!! *Here at Neanderthol, we do: Audio Production, Event Planning, Live DJ's, Video Services (Hi Def), & Audio Engineering! I share all things I know, If you've got a question, & I know the answer, I'll share, & maybe I'll learn a few things from you, in return? *Also, Neanderthol does releases for Indie Groups, Artists, & Labels. We have a means to get your project Distributed! You keep all rights, & licenses to your music, we simply set you up for distribution! For project packaging, we have everything you need to go from studio, to retail ready. So, If you are in need of assistance w/ getting your project to the next phase, please contact me, we'll talk, & work towards a real time solution for you! Thanks for your time, & thanks for reading our page, Fish

What kind of singers I am looking for?


My Past works/Achievements:

*Performed or opened for: 666 Mafia, Joe Rizza, Chaley, Kool Moe Dee, etc.. *Produced for: BottumRok Boiz, Urban Soul Fire, Gramzmen, Caveboyz

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Neanderthol Entertainment Looking for these Criteria's:

Age: ANY

Sex: ANY

Location: United States

Genre: ANY

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