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Wayne I. Johnson Bio:

I am an Artist and Model Manager,Trainer,Producer,Songwriter,and Model Photographer with many years in the fields. I have been told that I am known by the Industry from Coast to Coast and my current top Artist,a Country Singer named "Miss Marie" Wuhrer is on the rise and is known by the Country Music Industry and also by many Country Stars. Our first CD,"Bad Reputation" has been aired on the radio in approximately 75% of the US so far,and I have many Top Industry people as friends and Contacts,such as Mr. Gary Stromberg,one of my dearest friends and a Legend in the Music Business. My former Business Advisor now deceased,Lenny Freas was also a Legend who managed Barry White and advised everyone from major record labels to the Rolling Stones from a Marketing standpoint. I've been so fortunate to have had so many incredible other Mentors throughout my years in the business such as David Carrico and Gary Peters,just to name a few. I am also a current Backup Singer and Guitarist for Miss Marie since she requested me to do so,even though coming out of playing "retirement" can be tough! My Management and Training "style" is very unique,honest,open,and unorthodox by the usual Management practices,but very effective when followed as given,and I have recieved much acclaim in the Industry for it. I truly do walk "The Road Less Traveled". I have worked in,Produced in,Managed,or played in 7 or 8 Recording Studios so far and am still affiliated with a major one here in Connecticut and have been for almost 20 years. For 5 1/2 years I was a Judge and gave business seminars in both Regional and International Model And Talent Conventions. I have worked in most aspects of music,including performing in Bands,doing live sound and studio Engineering,songwriting for projects,and even Engineered/recorded a few live Albums for Jazz Drummer Artt Frank. I write and co-write songs and have had some requests to write for some prominent Country Stars,and even the R&B Legend and Sweetheart Eartha Kitt wanted one of the songs I wrote for Miss Marie. I worked for Future Artists Agency many years ago as an Artist Manager and Booking Agent in Connecticut and went on my own for years after the owner retired the business. There is much more,but this should give you a reasonable overview of me and what I am about. NOTE: I take both what I do and my Client's lives and careers very seriously but I do love humor and reality injected into the mix too! We are all human and Teamwork is what gets things done. I'm not in the business to be disrespected,but I am also not here to make you worship at my feet as so many Industry people want you to do. Just relax and be your REAL self around me,no hype is needed nor appreciated.

What kind of singers I am looking for?

I primarily work with and prefer Female Singers or Bands,but have worked with guys on occasion too,both Soloists and in Bands. As a rule,I prefer age 18 and over since you must be able to sign Contracts and make decisions without adding in Family members,friends,or even Spouses and all of the confusion and frustration that goes with the scenario. The Industry nor I wish to deal with anyone except the Artist and I have more than had my share of bad experiences with Stage Parents,Best Friends,and Spouses! The Industry's top people have too! And that is not negotiable so if that is a problem for you then to be honest,I am not the one to seek out. Sorry,but I am just being honest. And it is much easier to get a Single or Divorced Artist out there than a Married one unless his or her career has already been successfully established and worked out. Please understand that the Industry wants as few problems as possible with Artists. I seek Artists who can travel and possibly relocate if necessary. The styles I work with are primarily Country,some Light Rock (NO Metal,Punk,Alternative,or Hard Rock),Pop,and some light R&B but NO Rap,Hip Hop,or versions thereof. I prefer Singers and not Talkers,and if you can play a musical instrument,Model,or Act,then they are big plusses in my eyes too. And I am willing to Songwrite for my Artists too as needed. I prefer Self-confidence over ego problems,a pleasant disposition as opposed to Diva tendencies,an open mind and ears,a workable and moldable attitude and personality,and attractive and shapely Artists DO get the most attention and doors opened to them so please do not get into political correctness or feminist debates with me since I do not deal with that either. I am an Optomist but also a Realist. This is a business and you must be able to be made into an Industry-ready product in order to get the Industry to invest time,money,and resources into you. There is a lot of competition for them to choose from so I seek out ONLY those who are serious and are in this for the long haul despite any obstacles or adversities that come along. I cannot afford to put a lot of my valuable time into "experimentors" who aren't sure if this is what they want and are capable of doing. Finally,POSITIVE THINKING and a heartwarming smile are a must! They can do wonders in Life!!!

My Past works/Achievements:

Since there is a lot of history,I will mention just a few things. I've worked with many Artists for the Future Artists Agency and became the Top Manager and Booker in only a few months. I was offered to run the owner's whole Florida operation but I had other goals at that time that were very important to me. I worked with many Artists and Bands,local and beyond,in the various Studios I've worked with and in various capacities. The longest running is with White Glove Studios and the owner who is a dear friend. My FIRST attempt at serious songwriting many years ago got me a Quarter Finalist status in an International Songwriting Competition. That is when the real songwriting bug hit me! One of my biggest honors was playing Bass guitar on a Gig with Jazz and Fusion Master Guitarist,Larry Coryell many years ago. He is not only an outstanding talent,he is a very kind and encouraging Gentleman with an incredible history. My duties as a Judge and teaching new Artists and Models in seminars in Model And Talent Conventions and Competitions. I had Managed a Model/Singer of mine who was a few steps under SuperModel status and walked the runways of Milan with Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. She was an amazing Beauty and Marsha was also a great Singer/Performer. Working through a close friend of mine,we managed to get her CD released worldwide and it was in every Tower Records store on the planet. I've had MANY offers to work for Record Companies in different but powerful positions over my career for which I am proud but I am following my Goals before venturing into that territory. I did work for an Independent Record Label for years and my responsibilities included writing,reviewing,and some negotiating of Record Contracts,Recording duties,and Producing. The attracting of interest,support,friendship,and mentoring of many top Industry people at all levels and as Contacts. It has been and is an honor and a priviledge. My Country Singer Miss Marie Wuher,Backup Singer Susie Deane,and I were asked to open up and close for a Fashion and Makeover event March 28th,2007. It was being sponsored by Connecticut Radio Talk Show Host and TV News Segment Host Mary Jones,and 4 Radio Stations in Connecticut. We got a lot of Publicity and an interview on air the next day. Mary Jones is a true Angel and is now a dear friend. We took a break in our current recording schedule to do this and had a blast. Again,there is much more but this should give you a clue that I am for real,diverse,and I am serious about what I do.

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