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how do I send my Demo to a label company?and how do you know wich one is reliable?

Nathalie-joan Limon 2007-03-25 Unfortunately due to the Major Labels Mergers, & Lack of Sales i must be honest with u & everyone, this is the age of intense politics regarding getting a Record Deal, Submissions more times than not won't even get reviewed unless your demo is being presented by some one with a strong working relationship with an A&R person who has the power to sign deals if not u will possibly get lost in the shuffle of the tons of demos ahead of your demo, to all seeking demo placement stop wasting your money on things u don't need like rims, clothes, Jewelry, stimulants, liquor, etc...& START TO Pray, & Attend Quality Music Industry Seminars, U will then have an opportunity to meet An Executive, or Mgr, Or A Producer who has some Powerful Relationships, and influence, who Has Placed Artists, & Songs Nationally with Majors or Established Indie Labels, and Film Soundtracks, who is looking to help himself or his Reputation, or Company, by finding The Next Hot Artist or, Producer,(Remember This Is A Small Industry Research Companies Before U Do Business With Them.) I and many Major Producers I do Business With, Attend Music Conventions to pick up Demos. ....See our Site for info about Us ..thanks . LARRY DEE..

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