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How does one make an earned living as a lyricist? Also, how can someone get their songs published?

Jimmie Lee May 20th 2007 How to make a living as a lyricist? You could be a "Ghost Writer". Someone who writes lyrics/Songs for artist on the rise for a Fee. It's as easy as that. To get your songs published, you need a type of form that you fill out and send in inorder to have them published.

How do i find a good manager/agent?

Jason 2007-04-16 Error

how do I send my Demo to a label company?and how do you know wich one is reliable?

Nathalie-joan Limon 2007-03-25 Go onto the websites of the labels that you want to try and get signed with and jot down their information and send your demos to them. Wait a couple of days and call them to see if they've received it and just keep calling to make sure. Make a name for yourself, every time you call make sure you give your name and every piece of information you think is necessary to give them, and eventually when they get tired of you calling them they'll listen to it and if they like it they'll give you call and probably will fly you out to their office to talk business.

What advice do you have for singers, who want to improve there voice in singing?

Darleen 2006-12-17 We would just say, to keep practicing and practicing, if you don't practicing to work on your vocals how are you going to get better at singing. Right?

I want to start a home recording studio.Kindly guide as to what is the cheapest or free way to do so.

Sanjeev Ghotgalkar 2006-12-05 download FL Studio 6 Producer's Edition from limewire and download Sony Acid Pro 4.0 from limewire as well....with FL Studio (Fruity Loops) you can make beats and with Acid 4.0 you use that to chop up tracks, add sound effects if you want and record all on one program........Does that answer your question?

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