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I have noticed that almost every singing entertainer in the business writes their own songs or is with someone who writes original songs. How do I make a cd for example as a tribute to Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard or just an assortment of great established songs that were not written by me? How do I do that without getting into copyright problems? Thanks. Joe

Joe Wednesday 23 May 2007 Dont fully understand the question?

I have an Audio engineering questions. I would like to your opinions on using "doubles" on a track; can they be used througout the entire song, or only parts of the song? Is there a 'general rule of thumb' as to where they should be used and when they are the most effective? Also, what is your advice when it comes to harmonies. What is the "technique" used in audio engineering to make them sound 'tighter' so they don't sound like a background vocal?

Mark Healey May 20th 2007 As far as doubles are concerned, I don't think there is an industry standard rule for using them. I would be carefull however that you don't end up with a track that souds like 1 person recorded in 2 different tones thru out the entire song. Play with it and see what sounds best to you... Patrick Neanderthol


SHAFIQ SHABAZZ May 20th 2007 If done correctly, I don't think it matters Patrick Neanderthol

How does one make an earned living as a lyricist? Also, how can someone get their songs published?

Jimmie Lee May 20th 2007 Lyricist make $ by performing in either a back up role or a featured role on songs. You have to find or create songs, and get them heard so people will pay you to perform them.

How do i find a good manager/agent?

Jason 2007-04-16 You search long, you search hard, and pick the one that is the harestest working and that you TRUST the best or have the most reason to trust! Patrick, Neanderthol

how do I send my Demo to a label company?and how do you know wich one is reliable?

Nathalie-joan Limon 2007-03-25 Do a search on "MEDIA KITS" or "PRESS KITS". Find out what goes in them, and how to format. This is how you want to send your product out. They even have ekits which are online press kits that you can email. Patrick Neanderthol

What advice do you have for singers, who want to improve there voice in singing?

Darleen 2006-12-17 Take lesson & Practise alot! Vocal control is the key Patrick Neanderthol

I want to start a home recording studio.Kindly guide as to what is the cheapest or free way to do so.

Sanjeev Ghotgalkar 2006-12-05 If you are going to start a home studio, please avoid the word "Cheapest" You'll end up with a place you like, but that is not at all that functional. My advise, save up enough to get decent equiment. Don't dive in half cocked. if ya need more info contact me. Patrick Neanderthol

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