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How does Music Business works? What is important to know in the music business? Is it better to go indie or to sign with the label these days? Thank you

Angie 16th July 2008 It is best to have good representation. There is alot more than having a CD recorded that is only one step. Next is to develope the artist and get the music out. If an artist is signed to one of the Majors does not mean they will make it.

How does one evaluate a good producer and what variables should a singer look for in a producer and weed out fakes and so called wanna be producers? How does one know if a producer is legit or not?

Laurie Walls Thursday 29 Nov 2007 Look into his credits. Not what is said but what hav been done. One of the best producers in the world is Pete Bordonali. If you google Pete you will see that he has worked with everyone from Strisand to David Allen Coe.

My question is what advice would you give this 46 year old man as far as getting signed to a major label. How much "Age" is the factor in this regard for any one interested in this business. Thank You Sirs .... Steven Patrick

StevenPatrick Sunday 26 Aug 2007 Age is not a factor is talent is presented properly. The right time, the right place and the right product

How do i find a good manager/agent?

Jason 2007-04-16 There are good managers. Our company Associated Artists Management & AAM Records is one of the few that does it all we specialize in Country Music http://associatedartistsmusic.tripod.com we are also connected with Grupensa International for International booking.

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