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How does one evaluate a good producer and what variables should a singer look for in a producer and weed out fakes and so called wanna be producers? How does one know if a producer is legit or not?

Laurie Walls Thursday 29 Nov 2007 I was 19 when I knew I wanted to be in the music business. Today I find myself very blessed to have met and worked with the people that have crossed my path and had confidence enough to hire me. Everyone has a beginning. When Prince started, he demanded creative control of all aspects of his music which included production. Track record? experience, he had none. Except for the experience he had for making music in his garage. Would any aspiring singer have hired prince as their producer back then? Berry Gordy, an icon in the music business, started Motown Records and produced many of the hits that we listen to still today. Experience as a musician? yes, experience as a producer? no. Contacts in the business, maybe a few but not influential enough to have paid him any attention at the time. Why do you think he started his own label? Quincy Jones, if we're in the business we all should be aware of who "Q" is (as known by his friends) respected musician but as everyone knows, in the beginning no experience as a producer whatsoever. What I'm trying to say is that most everyone here that has answer this question seems to place to much emphasis on "track record", "who they've worked with", "experience", and "connections" in the industry. I'm here to agree with them but at the same time disagree with them as we all know that in the beginning of every great and promising career WE ALL HAVE NO EXPERIENCE, TRACK RECORD, OR CONNECTIONS!!!! yet, the icons mentioned above, as well as many other semi known or unknown have had much success in this business and have surpassed the success of many well known producers in the business that were known before they were. Everyone starts from a grain of sand, this does not mean they are worthless. I know many unknown producers that are much better than the well known ones at this moment but lack the industry connections that others have, I suggest you don't turn away from them until you listen to their work. I also know many producers in the industry that are crooks and take advantage of unknown performers because they know they can. In my opinion, this question cannot be answered. I've worked with many artists and producers and you'll find your share of snakes and honest ones. Some with integrity and some without. Both known and unknown. I'm not here to belittle what other producers have said on this site on this question because everyone here is sharing knowledgeable information based on their experiences and their thoughts. I only want to mention that just because you don't have a "track record" as a producer or "hits" as a producer does not mean you cannot be the next "P Diddy or Kanye West" as they were both unknowns working in their bedrooms before they had "connections" or a "track record". Yet, they became successful in the music business. Yet, based on lots of advice given by many in the industry here seem to think that contacting such people from their beginnings should not be done. In my opinion, this is terrible advice. So, don't choose your producer based on ONLY "track record", "how many hits they've had", "who they've worked with". All producers came from somewhere and had a beginning and were still worth their weight in gold even before they were "all that". Choose them based on the music they have to offer, if you see yourself having fun with it, and performing it, believe in their music, in other words, both of you need to be musically on the same page with each other and have the same vision. This is what makes a great marriage, so to speak, with a producer and a vocalist. Forget the fame, the hits, the track record, and the artists he/she has worked with. That's not what music is about. It's about bringing generations of music lovers closer together, and if the music is good, the music will always find a way to surface to the top.

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