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How does Music Business works? What is important to know in the music business? Is it better to go indie or to sign with the label these days? Thank you

Angie 16th July 2008 The first thing is to protect your music, at peermusic,for example (the world’s largest independent music publishing company), then get a manager and a booking agent, and hit the road, shows are where the money is...

If I wrote songs with someone and then parted ways and the songs are copyrighted, should I have to sign a release form If he asks? He hired a bunch of musicians to play on the songs and paid them a fee. Since I am the co-writer, is there any reason I would want to sign a 'release form' if he asks me to? Hope that makes sense

Clifford Hritz Tuesday 04 Dec 2007 What kind of release is this? Didi you play any instruments in the recording? If there is a release that you have to sign, just be sure that doesn't affect your co/witing

How does one evaluate a good producer and what variables should a singer look for in a producer and weed out fakes and so called wanna be producers? How does one know if a producer is legit or not?

Laurie Walls Thursday 29 Nov 2007 Quemistry and experience,if they don't exist, forget it

My question is what advice would you give this 46 year old man as far as getting signed to a major label. How much "Age" is the factor in this regard for any one interested in this business. Thank You Sirs .... Steven Patrick

StevenPatrick Sunday 26 Aug 2007 Songs are good not because of age. Many big gys make it now a days. Just be sure you have good songs, otherwise....see you

I have an Audio engineering questions. I would like to your opinions on using "doubles" on a track; can they be used througout the entire song, or only parts of the song? Is there a 'general rule of thumb' as to where they should be used and when they are the most effective? Also, what is your advice when it comes to harmonies. What is the "technique" used in audio engineering to make them sound 'tighter' so they don't sound like a background vocal?

Mark Healey May 20th 2007 That depends of what you want. "Doubles" and Triples...and so on are good. It depends in what you really want


SHAFIQ SHABAZZ May 20th 2007 I usually use first, Compressor, then Eq, and the Reverbs and delays...

How does one make an earned living as a lyricist? Also, how can someone get their songs published?

Jimmie Lee May 20th 2007 There many musicians that need lyrics, send them your lyrics..the may become a song. To get them published, contact a serous publishig company.

What advice do you have for singers, who want to improve there voice in singing?

Darleen 2006-12-17 Get a good teacher, but not to teach how to sing ( that comes from birth), tell you teacher to teach how to breathe while you sing

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