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how do I send my Demo to a label company?and how do you know wich one is reliable?

Nathalie-joan Limon 2007-03-25 How do I submit my demo to labels is one of the most commonly asked questions by the aspiring recording artist. When researching a suitable label to release your music, there are many factors. The main questions are "Are my songs great?", "Does this label release my type of music?" and "Is my music ready for mass consumption, retail and radio ready?". Major Labels nowadays have all but ceased the developmental process, opting to look to smaller indie labels as the breeding ground for artists and bands that have taken the initiative to market, promote and sell their music. The collective indie label market is booming, accounting for almost a third of the revenue of music sold. Major labels know this, and look to the indie label to develop the act. Licensing a finished master to labels is common practice, where the artist pays for the recording of the album and the label distributes it on their label, offering some support in the way of marketing and tour support in return for a percentage of sales. If you are a songwriter who writes amazing songs that everyone you have shown them to absolutely loves them (not just family), but have a limited budget to record them professionally, then approaching music publishers is a good option. A publisher will pitch your songs to higher profile acts and offer an advance on future royalties. You could use this money to record your album professionally, market and promote your record and if you are a touring act, some tour support. Bottom line, if you are a solo artist or band with a decent following, amazing songs, a radio ready album and a focused and easy to digest marketing plan, then labels will definitely want to talk to you. If you don't have these things in place, there is a good chance that most labels won't be interested. The ones that are, they're the ones who are not credible. Go to your local music store, look at some of the records that you are a fan of or that you sound familiar too, and look on the back of the CD. There should be a label logo. Go to the website of that label and look for submission guidelines and an A&R contact. Can't find a specific person. Look in the CD booklet. Every artist has an A&R person assigned to them by the label. Look who represents your favourite artist and then call the label or email them. There are many music industry directories available for sale, find one that is updated frequently and contact the A&R person at a label for your specific type of music and introduce yourself. Be specific, kind and short. There is no reason to go on about what inspired you to write a song, just show the person know you understand how the industry works by giving them the info they need to be interested in hearing more from you. Develop a human relationship with this person, remember they are people too. They love people, and they love music. If they don't respond to your music positively, thank them for their time and wish them an awesome day. Just because they are not interested today doesn't mean in 6 months they won't be. Work on your craft, make better music, do everything you can do to better your musical career. Repeat. Dave Thompson Dave Thompson is a producer/musician with over 18 years experience in touring and studio work. He has remixed major label artists, worked with major label artists and runs his own music production company Digital Underdog Productions. ###

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