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how do I send my Demo to a label company?and how do you know wich one is reliable?

Nathalie-joan Limon 2007-03-25 Hi Natalie Your question isn?t easy to answer. Things has changed a lot in music industry (and the global echonomical situation too) With new ways of shoping music, as MP3 direct sales ( Itunes, MSN Music, etc) or selling through your own web site, maybe you don?t need a Record Label to start your career as a musician. Also, you must think that there are big differences if you?re a solo artist or a band, and the style counts too, isn?t the same for classical musician than for a grunge band :). Trying to answering you, let?s imagine you?re a solo R&B/ Pop singer, the most popular genres these days, well, as a start you need good material, so, or you?re a songwriter too or you?ll need to hire one. Then you?ll need a band or someone with keyboards and machines to perform the songs ( maybe the songwriter can do both things). At this point, when you have your songs, my advice is to try to book the more shows you can, this will be useful because this way you can test the songs for real, and if you?re really good, you can increase the number of fans. After booking and playing a considerable number of shows, you?ll notice that people will start asking for your recorded music, so you can go to a studio and record your songs and with a little investment in print and covers you can have your own CD ready to be sold in your shows. This can bring you some extra money and more people will know about your music. If things go well, in a year or so ( all depends on your talent and the quality of your material of course) you can have a growing fan database and for sure you?ll capt the attention of major record labels and music media ( radios, magazines, TV etc). I hope this answer your question, keep on working on your music, you can do it of you work hard! Alfredo Norese

What advice do you have for singers, who want to improve there voice in singing?

Darleen 2006-12-17 Nors Music Alfredo Norese - Argentina I want to answer this question with 10 advices I read from one of the best pop music producers, Mike Stock, from Stock, Aiken and Waterman ( Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, jason Donovan, etc) For Singers: 1. Do not smoke. 2. Sing a well-known song. 3. Make sure you are in the right key. 4. Keep to the tune. 5. Don't overdo the vocal gymnastics. 6. Breathe properly from the diaphragm. 7. Concentrate as much on the words as the tune. 8. Understand the song and mean it from the heart. 9. Listen to comments and criticisms. 10. Know all the rules completely before you break them. I hope this can be useful for you. Kind regards

I want to start a home recording studio.Kindly guide as to what is the cheapest or free way to do so.

Sanjeev Ghotgalkar 2006-12-05 Hello I think a good idea to start recording decently at home is to have a PC equipped with at least a SOund Blaster audio card ( Audigy or Live) a simple mixer ( Behringer 802 or similar) and a mic like the Shure PG58. With this equipment you can do some good quality recordings. The software is in close relation with your the money you want to invest, anyway there are lots of free programs in the web to download There you have some links to the products I mentioned http://www.shure.com/ProAudio/Products/WiredMicrophones/us_pro_PG58-XLR_content http://www.behringer.com/UB802/ http://www.soundblaster.com/products/welcome.asp?category=1&subcategory=205 http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Kind regards

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