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About Peter Abbott
Hi I'm Peter, I have 3 songs on here. I hope you enjoy your listen. Although I live in Finland I am from London in the UK. I like to sing all types of songs and I came 11th in the finals of the World Karaoke Championships 2004 out of 70 singers. I am a Troubadour by night where I play and sing around the fancy cafe's in Helsinki and sometimes on cruise ships. Please sign my Guestbook. it would be nice to hear from you !
Peter Abbott


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Muchos Gracias for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Great. ozza

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Hi, I'v uploaded 3 new songs Hope you like them. Greetzz Marco


Dear Peter, Thank you so much for your kind comments. I listened to your songs and enjoyed them very much. Keep singing :) Corinna

Lauren Medway

Hi Peter, Thank you for you kind comments in the competition. We do not ask friends or family to vote for Lauren as it then goes to show how many people you know rather than how good you are. We only hope that as more and more people get to hear and see Lauren perform her fan base will grow and they will ask their friends to listen and become fans. I only hope when people hear her they do realy appreciate her talent. We will get back into the studio soon and will add a new set of classic songs. I hope they will show Lauren has improved over the last 12 months. Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy any new additions. Colin Medway

Visited you on SingSnap Peter. Done good over there too! Fonzie.

Amanda Mai

Nice job, cool tunes

It's great to hear great singers and songs, and you are yet another of many great singers on here.


Nice Job! I can't believe I cannot think of the celebrity that you look like at this very moment. I will think of it later. Grrrr.... Anyway, you sound great. Please stop by my page Peter, and take a listen to my songs and while you're there please vote as I am one of the contestants. Thanks & God Bless you, LaurieAnn


Nice.. DUde check out ma new songg

randy lee norris

hey peter nice voice rated you high thanks for the comments on mine

Jennifer Angeline

Thanks for your comment Peter. Really like your songs :) Jenn

I rate you a 10! come listnen to my new song,Thank you


I rated you a ten :) I saw you came to my daughters sight how do I reach others so I can get a responce Thanks


That is great a great voice.

Kayla Casey



Greetings Peter!! Wow that was quick!! What a great job... truly one of my favorite songs and you did it justice!

what a wonderfull voice you have.


Greetings Peter!! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my song!! I also voted for you as well!! I'm a big fan of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, & Harry Connick Jr., you sir have that type of flavor to your vocals and style of music!! Keep singing and sharing your voice!! All the best to you Ricardo!! PS Have you covered I've Got You Under My Skin? Would love to hear you sing it!

Nice vocals

Sadness In Your Eyes----Breath taking vocals and music....doesnt matter whatever the current contest says i think you are the best....Kelly


Hey Peter thanks for visiting my page and your words of encouragement. I love your voice, you sound like a comfy chair...that IS a compliment honestly.x


Hi Peter! I love your singing and I have heard you on another site as well...I'm not surprised that you did so well in your competition; you have a rich quality voice and it's so nice of you to share it!

Cathy Vaughan

Hey Peter! Thanks for visiting me too:) Great job on your song!!! Cheers, Cathy


Hey there Peter!!! long time no see I knew when I seen Peter from Finland it had to be you... we do live in such a small world, or should I say a small web LOL anyway Super Job on that tune!!! c-ya around :)

Kayla Casey

Thought I would say Hi it was neat hearing U!! I am in the current contest.


Hi- this is BlueStainedShoes from Singers Showcase.... I joined here a little while ago, and just sa

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