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hi :-)

Anthony Flake

very nice voice



nice voice

nnknknnhh hhhh



Good job


Nice work

mikey cartwright


Casey Lynn

Hey Good work! I voted for you!!


Nice Voice


wazzup nice voice check out my song

Kathleen S. Taylor

very nice vocals


nice voice but you need to bring it up a little more from you soul do not be scared to let your inner self out of it's cage


hey there sweet voice! hugs and kisses Alexandra


beautiful song and voice

how are yaa girl


Are you a girl or a boy? :-)

Angie Rod Clemmons


Nice voice

Peter Abbott

Hi Angie, Nice sing on this great show tune. Lovely voice. Hugs, Peter

i am also 15 and love rap and hip hop and you are very talented,i think you should keep your head up cause it is coming for you,that next big deal is right around the corner!!!

whad up homie?ur awesome!!keep up the rappin'

Damn Girl...we cud make a duo shit 2gether u feel me, u b rappin then i'll singin..well hit me up..i'm juz droppin 2 show some luv..so0 yea i'ma funnah bounce iight ma..latez..muahzZ

Sydney Laja

WOW! You are so good I wish I could sing like that. How on earth would ur record deal drop you are amasing seriously I would play that loud in the car dude! I would literlly burn that on my mp3 player and listen to it all the time! Keep it up. I am on this site but I am mad that they arnt putting me in the contest! Vote for you!

Yo whaddup Angie! Just showin that Arkansas luv..keep'em comin ma, you kno u got talent I aint gotta tell ya! Holla Back!

You have a good talent keep it up.

Kayla Casey

Wow keep it up girl!! I am in the current contest...

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