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About Faith BroKar
I enjoy music very much and have been singing most of my life. I have participated in numerous musical events and contests and look forward to joining more! I hope that you enjoy my music and thanks for listening!
Faith BroKar


Not bad but needs more soul. Sing from your heart

Rachael B

Great voice!xx

I love your voice

Couldn't get your first song to play but the second two were great!!!!

Faith, You are an angel just like the beautiful song you sing. I want a CD when you get one made. You are my American Idol. Uncle Rick

You have a beautiful voice. love your singing and love grandma

this is your uncle burnie,you are a very good singer keep it up.

Hi Faith. You have a beautiful voice. I particularly enjoyed listening to 'Arms of the Angel'. Very well done. David (UK)

Gabbie Rae

Faith - first of all those songs are just perfect for your voice and your voice is beautiful. So glad that I was able to hear your songs. Gabbie Rae


A voice of an angel!! Beautiful! These songs made me cry. You are very talented and can easily go far with that voice.

AMAZING!!! No doubt the best voice ever!!! And i love the song choice! I am a huge fan of Faith's. I've been to many of her live performances...and she is just as good if not better live!! ;)

Faith BroKar

this was very good hahaha i was forced ta do this jkjk it realy was good

Kristi Gondzar


What a beautiful voice from such a special person! I have been a huge fan of Faith's for some time now and look forward to hearing more from her in the future. I love you babe!

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