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About Melissa
Ive been singing forever and I absolutely love it! Ive been working on originals and plan on having a career in the music industry. I sing in a band and do a solo act at several local venues. I just love singing and entertaining people. Hopefully my voice brings a smile to their face. Listen for my songs on the radio! They'll be there one day! Peace!

Mark S Briguglio

Very nice

Vanessa Amoriello

Very unique voice. Raspy is good in todays genre. Good Luck with your singing career

You do not sound professional. You sound more like a lounge singer trying to be a singer. Give it a silent run where you sing what you feel you will get there. Avoid what has gone before....


You are AMAZING!!! You are gonna be a star!

Matsidiso Tshikota

wow! nice


Smiles very soothing.

Melissa,with that voice and that beautiful face,you are a winner just waiting for the opportunity. And I do believe that you will be on the radio in the future.

David Wilcox

Keep it up Girl Your Gonna Make it.

hi i love tour voice it is beutiful. Did you make that song up because it is wonderful

Kuan Wei Lee

awesome vocals..keep it up girl, you get a 10 from me :) come by and check me out sometime


haayyyyy babe


You have a nice voice, the recording just has tomutch reverb, that my debatable opinion, please dont take it wrong

i like your hair

wow that is absolutely amazing

Richard  Rojic

Sounds good Except your breath intervals work on this and you will be perfect.



Melissa, My daughter McKENZIE and I (BGRDNCK) have listened to your songs a few times already and think your great. Keep working hard and I'm sure all of your dreams will come true.


McCoy White

Love your songs. Very beautiful and inspiring.

Carrie M

Great voice, and cool original song. Good luck

I'm not a member here...was just checkn' the site out for a friend of mine, but I heard your song, and was AMAZED!!! have a GORGIOUS voice!!! SUCH TALENT!!! I wish you the BEST in your future CAREER of singing...and hope to hear you on the radio one day SOON :)! Good Luck (not that ya need it!!!). :) -Rebecca

Monique Keyanna Wilson

Well wow, you have a beautiful voice. Hopefully you would be able to hear one of my songs when I am able to upload them



oh good lord. im being spoon fed crap like breaking benjamin when theres singers like you waiting at home to be discovered?? what is WITH people??? =] ur awesome.

Tennie should go over to and enter the America's got Talent contest - it's FREE..let me know if ya go girlfriend. Hope the heads up helps....


Your song was beautiful to listen to - very nice lyrics


Your song was beautiful to listen to - very nice lyrics


You have a really nice tone to your voice! Really liked it!


You have a really nice tone to your voice! Really liked it!

great singing

Good VOICE..WITH AGE SHE WILL GET BETTER..MORE CONTROL. She is a little pitchy at times.. but again with age and practice she will hopefully get more control.

u have a good voice...but it was it was a little britney spears 4 my taste.... u have 2 have try so hard..

ashley elizabeth

awesome song igrl i love it lol

Gabbie Rae

Melissa - your voice is so beautiful. Your voice DID bring a smile to my face. Thanks.. Gabbie Rae

good i hope u make ur life big like all the other stars


You could be the next country star!!! Like You Used To is a brilliant song....



Standing ovation for you,you sound just like a bird so sweet and peaceful.

Dorset Patterson

realy good i like that song



TRH Productions

Very clean voice. Sound like county is in your soul.. Hopefully someone in Nashville can hear you and work with you to take you to the next level.

Cathy Vaughan

Beautiftul pure voice...keep it up girl:)

AMAZING. good luck in you're career, you will make it very far for sure.

Melissa,you have great potential in my Professional opinion. You look like a Goddess and you have a very sultry voice. I believe that you can and WILL make it in the Industry. If you wish to talk some more about it,just email me and we can go from there,fair enough? Producer/Manager Wayne Johnson

hey girl great stuff!!! love it hugs and kisses Alexandra

Yeah, you the girl! One commented on you winning The Brookhaven talent contest, well it's not surprising!


hey girlie! Love your voice. Are you interested in a group if so contact me! Maybe we can get something together. I'm in Jersey. Contact me if you're interested!

Neanderthol Entertainment

This song is well done as far as arrangement etc.. Good voice. This is a good demo....!


ooh you got them hot vocals. Love it You know i need help to get my name out there i am 14 and i want you and everybody you know to check out my page and rate my song. This will help me out a lot

Peter Abbott

Hi Melissa, Very nice sing on your songs. Very cool listen indeed. Top marks from me. Hugs, Peter

Whitney Morgan

Like your song! Do you have an album yet, or any songs downloadable?

Yo girl the world will be watching you soon. You rocked them in Nashville and you're gonna rock'em in NYC. I am very excited for you to be working with the world's best vocal coach and the top producers in music in NYC. Stay focused and let's take the music world by storm. We're all excited to hear the new originals we'll be working on. I know you're going to do a great job.

Me and my mate Ayeisha think that you are fantastic and your the best on thes site!


u have such an amazing voice, i havent talked to you in forever!, i miss you like crazy though, well good luck, see you soon hopefully. later

Congratulations on winning the Town of Brookhaven talent show.

Hello. I really liked the way you sing. You have a beautiful voice. I sing myself but I don't think I"m good. the song I have on the website is not so good. You're young and I think you'll be able to be somebody. Good luck.


wonderful wonderful wonderful...

MELISSA! i miss u!..ur voice is so beautiful! girlie ur goin places!

Shanay Nicole  L.

All I can say is WOW! You will definately go far! Beautiful voice. Would love to hear more. Take care.

You are fucking HOT as hell.

Jennifer Angeline

Sounds great! I really enjoyed it:)

kristin newberry

You have a real good voice, keep up the good work

its your cousin again!!keep singing!! amanda

Shanay Nicole  L.

Hope your having a great Christmas! You have an awsome voice! Loved Broken Wings. I know your dreams will become reality!

hi plz send photos

I just wanted to say that u have an absolutely sensational voice! ilove it!! ur gunna be famous one day thats for sure! well the rest of the panty-roofers are sittin at home on the couch ur gunna be lighting up the stage an the mic w/ ur talents an ur beautiful face!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for those beautiful comments. :-) Um no sorry to dissapoint u but Im not a lesbian like urself lol I like men...and I dont have that g string u were talking about u must have gotten the wrong roof. :-\ Good thing! k Have a nice day and thanks for recognizing my great singing skills! Love me, Melissa! :-D

hello i am 26 and i have been singing forever my self trying to find my way you sound rel good. just keep it moveing tameika louisville,ky

Hey!! I just thought id tell you that u have a really good voice and i hope you go far!

I love ur voice u sing very very good good luck

wow ur really good! really really good...goodluck im sure your going to be famous one day

Melissa, You have a great voice. You're destined to succeed.

I think she is really good and i love you Melissa.

I love all the songs you sing because your voice is wonderful and gets better every time I hear you, but you know which is my favorite song. The one you should be singing in that black slinky dress with the long black glove!!!

hey good luck i hope you win i kno anige lots of luck...

OMG..i kno her!!! u sound great..

Your grandmother, Judy, is very proud of you. I work with her and she showed us this web site. You have a beautiful voice. Good Luck!

I heard this talented young lady at Matty T's She is one of the most talented performer of our time! And also very beautiful keep reaching for the stars you are destined to have very sucessful career if your serious best of luck to you keep up the GREAT work!

WOW MELISSA ! i guess ur gettin far b.c now ur puttin ur shit on the internet u wud NEVER do that back in the day lol.. im sooo proud oif all u done.. we shud def do sumthin together.. lol.. we just havent tlked about it much lol.. u have a beautiful voice n i wud listen to it everyday if i cud lol ! love u gurliee ! <3

You can sing very great so keep up the good work.

good job always keep your dream alive. i love it.

Where can I buy your records? You are awesome. Watch out Whitney & Mariah

You go girl! If that is really you singing then watch out world cause you got it going on girl. You stick with it girl, you are a star waiting to shine.


Oh oh...I think I just heard the next American Idol

michelle garrison

Finally this site has produced a "real" talent! This kid is out of this world

I can't believe you have never taken singing lessons before a few weeks ago. Keep it up you definitely have super star potential.

WOW!! You are AMAZING!

Nice Song. Nice Voice. Nice Face. You can have a good future in Singing if you keep going after your dreams. Good luck

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