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At First ,Thank you all for your Votes! I HAVE NEW COVER SONGS! PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR COMMENTS My First Single is out on iTunes now Buy "Stronger" Nathalie J got Airplay on Request for her First Single "No More Fear EXCLUSIVE ON DANCETERIA Hello my name is Nathalie-joan and I was born on 17 November 1977 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.When I was a little girl I always waited for Countdown and the top 40 to look at the tv, loved the music And I try to sing as far as I could understand what the artists sang. In the age of 9 years I started to sing more often, was it not by myself then was it, however, with my older sister Monique. With a cassette tape we`ve recorded songs and then listnen to it.That was Fun! Monique did 2e the voice. I went on young age to traditional ballet, jazz ballet, tapdance and Showmusical and I also practise gymnastics for 10 years .And I still dance traditional Ballet(after a stop of 4 years). When I became 12 years old I got for my birthday my first radio/cd got player, I later Bought of my pocket money my very first single cd!'Robin s with the song "show me Love". I played That number I always on Repeat, and so I find out my passion for singing and performing .I also like Modeling, acting.But my Passion stays with singing. I started to write down the lyrics of my favo artists.but also try to write my own lyrics. Now I have singing classes for the first time to my develop voice in the good manner. I write my own songs now and make my own music and I record it myself with a music programme. My dream ; Prove and can transmit something with feeling which can be real! Currently working on my First Album "Sudden Changes" You can hear my Single "No More Fear"on Danceteria.
Nathalie J




Keep singing, you'll find your unique style. Congrats on the contest.


Hye Ms. Nathalie... Nice job tackling such a well known track!! You've got a deep smokey funk flavor to your voice on the smooth Jazz tip... Well done and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!! Now to vote!!

Peter Abbott

Hi Nathalie Lovely sing on this cool song. A 10 from me for sure! Hugs, Peter


beautiful smooth voice I luv it I give you a ten

Neanderthol Entertainment

I would like to see more passion, fire, motivation, agression in yor voice. Be a lil more original as far as yor delvery, make it your own...

Hello,,,,,,U got a Sweet Voice and i Will love to tell u that i am also a Singer too and i am looking for Promoter for my Album so that it will be good to Start it now over there , Can u just tell me what to do ? How are u doing,,,,Well i am 27 yrs Old GuY From NIgeria And I am natural, friendly, out-going, cheerful, caring, loving,easy going,sincere,loyal, responsible, honest, reliable, gentle, humble, serious, good looking,sexy, open minded,natural, friendly, out-going, cheerful, religious and God fearing.............Its my pleasure to told u all that i am a Real Singer... and this is my first Album Tittle :- Down to What You Plan for and i wanted someone Who can Promote me to where I will love it and For Now I am In Nigeria for Serious Purpose and Keep Contact me On this :-+2348054217439......:-,,,,,,,,,,,,,, If u wanted to Promote me We are 4 In my group and i will be glad if i can find someone to render help out for me ,,,, Till then See Ya FROM B2XWORLD GROUP THAT'S MY GROUP NAME THANKS

H? klinkt goed man groetjes

Ai ai! you're doing your thing! Stay positive, live your life the best way you can..and don't forget to do the things you love! Like singing! I'm proud of you! Love you! xoxo, Megs

Peter Abbott

Hi Nathalie, Nice sing on this song. Great voice. Hugs, Peter

Je hebt een mooie donkere warme stem, nu nog zanglessen en dan kan het echt niet meer stuk!

Erika Kepler

Thanks for the comment!! I really like your song!! Keep up with the good work and never give up on your dreams!!

echt mooie opnamen Naatje! XXX Row

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