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Music is my passion!


Keep on writing and chniggug away!


Hello Lee! Beautiful Music. Please stop by also in my place. Hope you enjoy my cover's. I was waiting that the deep voice is going to start,,D Jeann

i thought he was gonna sing :/... tho i like the stum of the guitar :) ... i'll be postin' my original songs (i have 20 songs lol)...

this really sux, how can u have a singing contest with no singing. this site can't be real. the site sux and so does lee. i give him a score of -9,0786,345,223,564,000,000,000,000,000............................

Where is the singing? I love Wynonna and the Judds, I grew up singing this in basement of my parents house on my mom's pa.

is this site for real?

is this site for rea?

Wow I love that guitar playing haha!

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