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About Phil Bennington
Phil & Connie Bennington are the group called Soggydawgs. We currently have three (3) CDs that can be viewed at We have a website at Our diverse music capabilities include Pop, Country and Instrumental Special arrangements include guitar solo's and all the way through big band instrumentals. The orchestral type arrangements are songs written by Soggydawgs and have been arranged by my teacher Rick Bashore of Dayton Band, in Dayton Ohio. Rick liked our song writing abilities so well, and with my computer skills and my wife's lyrical abilities we have combined for instrumentals and music with lyrics. I am the vocalist on all our Cd's. My wife COnnie sings the backround vocals where applicable. It has been a tremendous time of fun and pain, but I think that our latest music is out of this world and we just keep getting better as songwriters,musicians and vocalists. We are members of NSAI.
Phil Bennington


It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with exrpetise.

Michelle Stolin

Couldn't get your second song to play. Liked the first one. I voted for you


Hi Phil & Connie, Nice Songs. I am going to go to the website you mentioned. Please stop by my page and listen to my songs and while you're there please vote as I am one of the contestants in the singing contest. Thanks & God Bless, LaurieAnn

this is your wife thanks 4 putting me in your bio duhhh since i wrote the lyrics dear.

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