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About The Divys
In September 2006, "Freddie Are You Single" took the Best Electronic Song Award in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and in November 2006 they won "Best Electronic Song" in the Song of the Year Contest which sponsers VH1's Save The Music, along with an Honorable Mention from The Billboard Song Contest. They wrote and perform the theme-song to local Philadelphia talk show, In Bed With Butch, which appears on Channel 54, more than 5 times a week in the Philadelphia region. 2 songs, 'Mirror Queen' & 'Disco Life' have appeared in the Canadian reality show, Chris And John To The Rescue. Their song, 'Sometimes I Close My Eyes', appears in the South African TV pilot, JBay. Their single, 'Get Up! Give Up! Move On!' has been placed and will appear on the popular video game, Dance Dance Revolution for XBox and in Arcades worldwide beginning in September 2007. They just wrote and perform the outro theme-song to 'The Giant Show' on Atlanta, Georgia FM Radio. Giant Brian has been a regular side-kick of The John DeBella Show on WMGK-FM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until getting his own show. The Divys' debut CD, This Is What You Get, was self-released in August 2006 and they are currently wrapping up work on their second CD, 'Sophomore', and also their 5-song dance CD, 'Dance To This, Bitch!' which features remixes of their original songs.
The Divys


This song, 'Get Up!' will be on ABC's 'Nashville' on Wednesday, Oct. 16th at 10pm EST.


What's up!! The tracks are like mad crazy!! You guys remind me of DEVO and a little like Elvis Costello... Hmm... Maybe even the Knack!! Your like what the Beetles might sound like today had they stayed together!! Keep rockin'!!


Thank you for the comment! I love your music. It takes me back to the 80's. (my friends tease me about having aa bunch of 80's tunes on my ipod. lol!) Your lyrics are great and innovative. See you at the big time!! Lyse~*


Thanks for the comment on my page. I took a listen to your songs also. I liked them very much. Very nicely written, great vocals. Also, thanks for the comment on being pretty... GodBless, LaurieAnn

Different I liked it. Sometime that is what it takes.

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