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About Tin Meng Tam
About me: I am an UCSD student and a part-time musical theater/gig performer. If you count cantonese and mandarin as two languages, I have learned 6 languages in my whole life, even though I am not fluent in all of them, I can speak cantonese, mandarin, and english fluently, can speak a bit Korean, very little bit of French, only the numbers and very basic greetings of Portuguese, and can understand a little bit Japanese (learned from video games and animes lol), but also hv interest in Italian and Spanish, maybe would brush up these languages more in my later time as I am interested in learning new languages and understand their cultures and music. For singing, I can sing in 5 languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Korean, and French. Well btw, since I am only using my laptop sound chip and a karaoke mic to record my songs in my room, the sound quality is not that good.
Tin Meng Tam


you give me chills. I love this song! May God continue to Bless you!

wow great

Robert Burgess

I felt the weight of my soul lift and my heart sang . From the grandson of a preacher, Thanks for your song of Hope.


Hey Tin Man, great work! You have a great voice.

Samantha Dawn

Very nice voice

Denise A.Peachey aka Gypsy

nice country vocals

Kathleen S. Taylor

nice voice

The Divys

Very strong, beautiful voice for such a young man.


coooooool voice

hey there very nice and deep voice! Kisses Alexandra

Peter Abbott

Hi Tin, Very nice sing on this great song and good luck in the contest! Cheers, Peter

Pamala Thomas

Tim has an interesting low range sound an I thin s great for stage sound.

Diandra Newlin

What an interesting low range to your voice!


You have a very commanding, clear, and resonant voice. It is a great sound


Hi Tin, Just wanted to stop by & say you have a very enjoyable stage voice. I think you will go far. Keep up the GREAT work. God Bless, LaurieAnn

I can close my eyes and see you on stage. Very enjoyable....



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