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About Gessica Rockwell
There are so many recording artist in this country that want to be famous. There are so many recording artist that can sing. There are so many that can dance. And there are plenty of artist that can put on a cute face and act. But then there are artist that are just different…Artist that have that ‘it’ quality about themselves…There are those people that when you meet them, see them and then hang out with them they leave an indelible impression on you… Gessica Rockwell is one of those young bright pop recording artist. This 16 year old native of Wentzville, Mo. (a suburban county 20 miles west of St. Louis, Mo.) has been singing, dancing and acting since she was four and has been approaching her craft like a disciplined, savvy entertainment veteran for years. Gessica was musically influenced by Hannah Montana, Kelly Clarkson and Brittney Spears like a lot of other young girls her age at that time…But, the more she developed the more she began to find her stride and unique style. Performing at countless shows over the last few years, whether it was the talent shows at Timberland High School or Clear Channel’s 107.7 sponsored “Footloose Sing and Dance Contest” (resulting in a top 10 finish amongst hundreds of contestants) it was the next chance meeting that changed the course of Gessica’s burgeoning career. Gessica was asked to perform on numerous occasions on St. Louis’ local TV network KMOV Channel 4’s show Junior Stars. The exposure from this local TV show resulted in Gessica being invited to join the “Teen Swag Tour” in the summers of 2008, 2009 and 2010. (Teen Swag USA is a non for profit youth organization that promotes, health and well being for all youth between the ages 8-20 years of Sonny Metcalf, one of the executive board members of WBMS for Kids was totally intrigued by Gessica at one of her performances. He loved her energy on and off stage. He loved her look and her image and really wanted to assist her in developing her career. But, even after all the years of performing, he knew she needed polishing…So he introduced her and her family to UniMind Music Group LLP (a music production/ artist development company) . Under the tutelage and direction of UniMind, Gessica has been transforming and blossoming into a “new “ type of pop artist. Working exclusively with her new producer/engineer/mixer NekJerka, and various songwriters, Gessica has begun dramatically expanding her sound and musically going to places she never thought of before…Her music is crossing many spectrums from Dance to R&B to Pop with a little bit of Country. And her growing fan base has primarily been females between the ages of 10 to 21 and people of all ethnic backgrounds. There is no cookie cutter sound, style or image when it comes to Gessica’s project. She is pushing towards creating her own lane in entertainment. And With the 2011 “Teen Swag Tour” kicking off this summer and new music being released this year, Gessica has a full schedule on her plate for 2011. All in all, she will be a force to be reckoned with and the sky is the limit at this point… Ladies and gentleman UniMind Music Group presents to you, GESSICA ROCKWELL.
Gessica Rockwell


great job! check me out!

JESSICA ROCKS! I go to school with her and I seriously think she is the coolest, most talented person I know! GO JESS!

Gessica Rockwell

No you don't have to record your own song, it would be nice if you had your own song but I think that you can sing anything as long as you are singing it. Thanks, for the comments I hope that I will be a star really soon, I am really working hard on this.

Mari Hergesheimer

hi, wow ur pretty =) Do u have to rec. your own song to be on here...cos i dont have one xD...sorry i just need some help... Youll be a great idol someday good luck =)

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