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I'm very happy to participitate in this contest. And sure good luck for all!


Such a great voice . Your picture not showing up ?

How could any of this be better stated? It coldnu't.


Hello, my fans! Thank you for your attention to my page, for your comments and estimations – it’s very pleasant and important for me I wish for all good mood and many smiles! And remember – you are always in my heart!

A música ficou muito linda na voz de Inessa, ela canta muito bem, fala português corretamente, e é realmente, uma verdadeira cantora! Merece mais do que ninguém ganhar esse prêmio! Inessa é uma pessoa muito especial pra mim, uma amiga que tenho, e que vai ficar pra sempre em minha memória! Inessa, minha querida estou torcendo por você, você merece! Parabéns! Um beijo de sua amiga brasileira: Alice


Certainly, I do not know this language. But song and the manner of its performance by Inessa in my is viewed sincerely, with the soul. Inessa touched me by her voice. It is clear from nature as a tear of baby and melodious. I would listen her song listen and listen. It is felted that girl is serious with it business. Easily become on the soul listening song. Mood rises, all concerns depart to the second plan, you forget about everything and close with the song to the flight together with the soloist.

Kathy Schmidt

Hi Inessa! Thank you for your comments and vote! You have very pretty music too!


When I’m hearing this song, I’m feeling like an angel sings. Really, very beautiful! Good luck from all my heart, Inessa!

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