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About Mark Healey
Hey there music fans! Please have a listen and don't be shy to send me your feedback!
Mark Healey


Wow! That's a really neat ansrwe!

Gabbie Rae

Hi Mark... I finally had a chance to listen to your page and love your songs -did you write them all? Your voice is soothing and peaceful. Gabbie Rae


Hi there Mark, Thanks so much for your comment on my songs. I appreciate it very much. I came by to hear yours. Wow! I love this song. You sound like a singer I use to listent to when I was a young girl. I just can't seem to remember the name right now but, it will come back to me. Did you write this song? I really like it very much. Can't wait to hear more. I gave you a vote/rate above. Did you vote for me? If so, thank you. Do you know any producers that like country music? Please send them my way and vote for me. They'll have to register as a producer to vote as a producer. We get more points/score for producers. Well, I will check back to see if you've added any new songs. God Bless, LaurieAnn

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