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Michelle Stolin

hi, i voted for you...

Michelle Stolin

hi, i voted for you...


NJ Producer Nashville


Hi Randy, Just wanted to stop by and say Thank you for your comment on my song. I have uploaded different ones. I am also in the Singing Contest. Please stop by and take a listen to all 3 of my songs and vote. Your songs are very good. Did you write them yourself? TTFN LaurieAnn

As with all your songs Randy you have done another outstanding job! Loved the song so much being played at friends wedding.

Nice job Randy, ya put a tear in my eye!! Beautiful song, wonderfully done; really. Tina

Hi Randy. Wow, great song and very well done. Keep up the good work. Myrna

Peter Abbott

Hi Randy, Nice sing on this great country song and top marks from me. Cheers, Peter

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