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mikey cartwright


You have the monopoly on useful infoamation-rren't monopolies illegal? ;)


Oh love this song. You have an excellent voice**** Jeann


mikey cartwright

hater :)


Sounds like you're singing through your nose..? Wierd?

mikey cartwright

thanks :) x

Wonderful soothing voice....

well dun bro ily :) xxx

The song isn't the right one for your voice. I hate to say it, but you also go flat a few time. overally, its ok, but very amature. Work on pitch and song selection and try again

ur a liar mikey oh well dont give up singing


you have a lovely voice

Sohini Mukherjee

thanks a lot!

Sohini Mukherjee

hey there! u sing so good! check out my page too. :)

i know ur a great singer plzz dont get mad at me xo

Wow great voice, good choice of music!

Your well good :)

Your bosss :D

babeeeee its greaattt love it hun xx

Amazing Mikey :) Sounds Greatt Love Ittt <3

Very nicely done!

Lovely texture to voice, naturally accends vocally on the higher notes. Something soulful about the way Mikey Cartwright conducts the melody of this peice. Lovely version. Good use of artistic expression.

wow your really good

excellent yr goin places!!!!!:D x

mikey cartwright

thanks sian :)

Good choice of song :) great singer x

woow ! ur great :D

mikey cartwright

thanksss guyss :D

Hey gorgeous! Finally finshed inboxing everyone! Loads of people can't believe it you LOL XD <3 xxz

OMG your well good! :] Love, Twinkle x (Don't know you btw, Lauren asked me to comment :]) <3

ahaaa; your wiked hope you go far with your great voice, love me&&gemma

wow ur wicked

Goodd :)

realy good singer keep it up

wow your real good!

mikey cartwright

aha :) :D im glad you l;ike it i will put another song on soon :)

im officially addicted :P

Omgg ! You're Absolutaly Amazingg ! Love You Mikey ,, xxx :) <3

Yeaaa enit Lisa :) ii could listen to him all day & night man! hes fucking amazing at singing, keep it up babee :) loveyou xx

tbh since i first listened to this at 1 oclock ive not stoped playin it ...its luvlie x

mikey cartwright

thnks gemma :)

your voice is beautt. i could just listen to this all day. :) xxx


well niice voice hun x x

amazingg! x

yaa well good hun keep it up hun x x

mikey cartwright

i wouldnt go that far im not the best i just try my hardest :) thnks everyone ly all <3

good work you keep it up dont stop i want a cd babe keep it up you are the best mikey

good work me love keep it up :)

GUD SONG cheers

You have a great voice Mikey, keep singing man, you'll get somewhere :) xxx

well good mikey :) keep it up! xxxxxxxx

good mate keep it up

brilliant singing hun ......good luck and keep going .x

yur actually reli gud got a reli nic voice

wow mikey a dont even know u but i could fall in love with tht voice ur acually amazin ...uv certainly cracked tht song it is pitch perfect i hope u go far in the future goodluck

Mikey Your Well Gurd?! & Dont Say U Aint Cuz You Are ... Your Going To Get Somewhere!!!! xx

excellent voice u will get a hit with that song.good luck for the future

hey mikey :D fucking awesome singing babee, nice voice! xx

mikey cartwright

thanks guys :)

hey...its danielle lol nice voice though

that aint ever you surely thats actually good

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