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About Toni
Just a small town girl with big dreams. I have been in the 2007 USA World Showcase where I finished in the top 10 performers. I have also been in a documentary created by some folks at Full Sail "Sing". I have just finished my first CD (amateur recording studio). I love all types of music and don't feel like I fit into any certain genre. If I like it, I sing it. Hope you enjoy.

Everett (MIKE) Claxton

Excellent rendition of one of my favorite songs to sing or listen to when it's done by someone like you..GOOD JOB!!!!

You have an amazingly soulful voice! This was a great rendition you've done here. Bets of luck in your musical endeavours!

very velvet!!

Michelle Stolin

Loved it. I voted for you

very nice voice. nice control. good voice to listen to

Good Potential?? Is this guy serious? You have the talent to make it big and I am sure you will. You got the talent! Keep up the great work. Dawn

Michael Campbell

Good potential. Consider a vocal coach and working with a band to expand your skills. Please!...Do not use so much reverb on your recording! Learn to record and listen to yourself with no reverb, then when you mix add just a little. I hope I was helpful. Michael Campbell

Robert Burgess

Great Job. Feelings came thru. Great Vocal range.

Natural born singer!


Absolutely love it! Timing, delivery - you sold me. You're a natural. Born to sing. Don't stop. Do what it takes. Awesome!

Great Job!

Love your vocals.. You had me believing you in Track 3.. Good emotion in your voice.. Your mix for music to lead vocals seem a little too far apart for me.. Would like to hear the tracks brought up more. But as this is a singing contest.. You are hands down a real singer..

Jimmy Holland

wow that is all i can say love your voice!!!!keep it up!!

wow. the first note reminded me of kd lang. Take that voice and keep writing & recording.

cathy aucoin

wow Toni great vocals so strong and powerful, really enjoyed the song.

Gabrielle Cavani

You have a beautiful voice. You definitely sound like someone that should be up on stage performing. Best of luck to you in the contest!! :-)

Pretty good tone quality. In my opinion the contest is between you and the little country lady LaurieAnn. You both are great singers. Good luck to you both.

Smokey and soothing. Very nice.

Jenkki Jenkki

Hey great voice and singing skill. I would like to hear some of your song with good vocal producing.


lol cool voices

hi there thats really nice idea! singing a men's song! You rock girl! keep up the great work! Hugs and kisses Alexandra

Peter Abbott

Hi Toni, Nice sing on this great song and top marks from me! Hugs, Peter

Kathleen S. Taylor

nice song

Pamala Thomas

Very strong vocals with emotion. She has my vote

Very good!

Diandra Newlin

Where have you been till now....come out come out and stay with us! Diandra ;-))


You have a very good voice and style. Good luck!!


Hi Toni, Just wanted to say I enjoyed your singing. Your recordings sound professional. Wish I had professional equipment. All I have is a Desktop Computer, a desktop mic and Karaoke Recordings. Anyway I wanted to say hi & Good luck in the contest. God Bless, LaurieAnn

Wow You have my vote! Now go into a good recording studio and cut a great CD!!

You have a very strong beautiful voice so much emotion its Awesome!!

LOVE Toni's voice. Very powerful and emotive! Keep singin' Girl!

We enjoy hearing Toni sing. She has a wide range of songs. She is a great person and very talented. We enjoy her cd. We wish her the best of luck.

Good Luck sweetie! You are awesome!

Tin Meng Tam

I like your style and interpretation, very good :)

Toni is one of the best of people to know and have the privlidge to call a friend, and is an AWESOME singer on top of that!!

Tonis voices is amazing, but pales in comparison to the beauty in her heart and soul. It is an honor to hear her sing and just to call her a friend. She will grace the earth with her songs and overwhelming gift of giving. Toni...We love you!!!

Just joined our first ever fan we get a badge?...we have the chest to pin it on...TONI...TONI...TONI...

Love 1&3 you really blew us away with these songs.....more power to you girl....luvs it..xx

You have a beautifull voice and are very talented you will go far and I beleive the countest you were inj has lost the better singer and it is there loss FL

The most expressive, bold, impressive and strong voice I have ever heard. Mezmerizing!

Can't wait to hear more! Are you playing anywhere?

You have a fantastic voice with a wide range. Keep it up. You will go far.


This song is my favorite of all.

Beautiful tone quality, strong voice, distinct pronunciation of words. You make each song your own. Great style!!

Awesome song. Great voice.

You sound fantastic. I love the song!

One of my favorite songs! What a fabulous voice! Loved it!!!

just love that voice, expressive and leaves me wanting to hear more

Very classy jazz voice. NJ

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