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About William Cozzens
I have been singing since I was about 4 years old. At age 1 I had cancer, and the radiation and chemotherapy stunted growth of my face. My mouth only opens 1 inch. Yet, I feel richly blessed to have been given a gift to sing for the Lord, and I would love to show the world and others what I have been blessed with. The video is "Here Comes a Miracle". A powerful song in my life.
William Cozzens


Total contradiction. Sings for The Lord lives for the devil.

Christian song by a man using illegal drugs and just moved his boyfriend in with him while moving his wife to the back room.

Casey Lynn

Great Job! I voted for you!!

Nice Voice


Beautiful!:D I love your video, thank you so much for sharing.

Dawn Tebbe

Such a heartfelt song on your video. Thank you for touching my soul as well :)

the video , you touched my soul. thank u

Beautiful. You are so blessed. Thank you for sharing. Sandi

Very good! Wonderful! You certainly have been very blessed and I truly hope that you have touched the lives of others and also i wish the best for you . YOur mother Deborah Smith

wow wonderful !!! especially the video , so moving

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