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Visitor/Singers/Producers Comments and Discussion.Please feel free to leave your thoughts. Scroll down to view all comments.

Name:OutbackBob Date:Sunday 04 Jan 2009 08:12:41
Comments:You have problems somewhere, I share an internet connection with two others, because I voted early in the contest, the cannot vote even though they have their own emailacounts (and machines).

Name:Dave Date:Saturday 03 Jan 2009 22:22:54
Comments:Just wanted to say to all the singers that you all have so much talent and you all did a great job - CONGRATULATIONS to each one of you for following your dream. I have been browsing many sites and found this one to have some great talent. Good Luck All!! Also, to the site administrator - I think you are great for trying to help promote these talented kids. Wondering when the contes will "officially" end. Thought it was finished on 12/21/08???? Looking forward to the next group of contestants. Also, can I suggest that you make the scoring guidlines a bit more user friendly... Keep up the good work and I look forward to the results.

Name:bob & julie Date:Tuesday 30 Dec 2008 12:08:12
Comments:GOOD LUCK

Gabbie Rae Name:Gabbie Rae Date:Saturday 27 Dec 2008 20:50:31
Comments:Hi Megan... I love to sing too and I encourage you to follow your dream to sing if that is what is in your heart. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't. My mom says, "If you wake up and all you can think of is singing, then you are a singer.". I practice EVERY day for hours and I am very disciplined. I give up a lot of time now but that's because I want this for my future. Just enjoy yourself - but if you want to commit- then you need to commit. Good luck and please let me know if you upload any songs - I would love to listen. Gabbie Rae

Name:megan hughes Date:Saturday 27 Dec 2008 19:46:55
Comments:this website is awesome i want to be a singer some day too so does any have any tips

Name:Becky Date:Saturday 27 Dec 2008 01:41:05
Comments:I thought they all do a great job but I have to agree with Peter about the comment he made about Laurens voice it is incredible. This is the first time I heard any of them and so I had no preconcieved ideal of who to vote for so I had to listen to each one several times and not only did Lauren have good sound but she could hold long notes not all of them I felt could.

Anthony Name:Anthony Date:Thursday 25 Dec 2008 16:13:26
Comments:I am very impressed with the talent that is presented here, especially in this age bracket. Keep up the good work girls and never give up on your dreams.

Gessica Rockwell Name:Jessica Rockwell Date:Monday 22 Dec 2008 09:41:11
Comments:Keep up the good work

Peter Abbott Name:Peter Abbott Date:Sunday 21 Dec 2008 08:36:56
Comments:I'm sorry to read that not everyone liked what I said. It looks like one must keep their mouth shut and not express their opinion. So in future I shall just say "Everyone was great" and won't mention who I shall vote for!

Name:Survivor Date:Monday 15 Dec 2008 10:11:50
Comments:If this was Survivor, Peter and his nickel and dime tuxedo would have been voted off of the Island Pete, have a bacon buttie

claire Name:claire Date:Sunday 14 Dec 2008 09:11:27
Comments:your all good but only one person can win

Ricardo Name:Ricardo Date:Friday 12 Dec 2008 15:43:31
Comments:Everybody soundz great... U all keep working at your craft and good luck in the contest!!

Name:julie varley aka jules Date:Thursday 11 Dec 2008 18:36:45
Comments:gabbie u rock keep going girl all your hard work will pay off in the end! we are all routing for you back in mass!!

Ron Allen Name:Ron Allen Date:Thursday 11 Dec 2008 13:05:08
Comments:I thought all 5 were really great! It was hard to choose which one to vote on.

Name:bob and sally gaw Date:Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 18:48:31
Comments:gabbie, to us has a very exceptional , heartwarming voice that shows so much emotions in her many talents, I do wish her the very very best.

Name:Al Nicholas Date:Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 16:58:25
Comments:Gabbie Rocks...I've been on stage with Gabbie in a Christmas show and have watched her grow over the last two years...she is an amazing talent and good, selfless person with a huge heart. She's our friend and we wish her a long and peaceful life filled with music for all to enjoy.

Name:Mary Ann Gordon Date:Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 15:00:10
Comments:I have seen Gabbie Rae for the past two years singing at the South Carolina Pirates games. Not only is she a very entertaining show, but she has an amazing voice. What a talent she has!!!! Her rendition of America the Beautiful at the Pirates' opening game this weekendgave me the chills!!!!!

Mark Healey Name:Mark Healey Date:Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 12:00:59
Comments:Great potential!!

Name:PAUL FROM WESTPORT, MA Date:Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 11:27:23
Comments:First, I'd like to say really nice vocals by everyone. There are some very talented children here. But Gabbie Rae is my choice. I saw her perform when I visited SC at the Grand Strand, she blew me away. As far as Peter's comment, that just goes to show that, when other people aren't happy and things don't go their way they stamp their feet. And even if that was the case (friends voting), that just shows how talented she really is and how much exposure she's getting. If you read this Gabbie, keep your head up. Don't let people throw you off track (there are a lot of people like Peter in this business), sing your heart out and you will go places. You're a joy to listen to and some day we all will see you on the big stage.

Name:In Baltimore Date:Wednesday 10 Dec 2008 06:27:39
Comments:Wow - some great talent here! I have to say, however, that Gabbie Rae's "I honestly Love you" was a jaw dropper! Not just her ability to sing - but her tone and control amazed me. After hearing her songs I had to place my vote with her!

Peter Abbott Name:Peter Abbott Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 16:56:31
Comments:Very nice sing by everyone. Very hard to choose. I see that if you have lots of friends who will come and vote that can sway the points in your favor somewhat! For me I have to say I voted for Lauren. I thought she had an extra ring to her voice that was special. All best wishes to the winner!

Faith BroKar Name:Faith247 Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 16:09:13

Name:Pirates fan Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 11:33:19
Comments:Gabbie Rae did the anthem this past Saturday at the Pirates game and my husband and I were absolutely BLOWN away. She is incredible... To the person running this contest, don't let whiny controlling parents make you reset this contest because she isn't a teenager. She deserves the chance to compete.

Name:Colleen from MB, SC Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 11:34:07
Comments:Gabbie Rae is a remarkable singer. Very talented.

Name:Outback Bob Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 10:42:37
Comments:Gabbie Rae is the girl who stopped bikers in their tracks at Broadway, they couldnt belive that such a small package could produce such a huge sound, we wish her all the best in every endeavor. She is destined to go a long way.

Name:BUD NAPOLIO Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 08:54:09

Name:Wild Wilson Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 08:47:35
Comments:Go Gabbie Rae Go!

Name:CHRIS Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 08:20:56
Comments:GABBIE can be in a teenager contest at just 10 years old because her abilities are ahead of her time and she has more experience than others when they were 10. This woman, I'm sorry, Little Girl, TOOK OVER the stage of my 80's Tribute band here in Providence R.I. the whole packed house went nuts and screamed so loud for her that I actually had to cover my ears ! For some singers, you'll cover your ears During the performance !! Hear me now, believe me later, she's going to be in the limelight soon.

Name:Connie Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 08:27:00
Comments:I'm part-time in PA and part-time on The Grand Strand. I have seen Gabbie Rae several times. SHE'S AWESOME!! GOOD LUCK GABBIE!!

Name:Hard Rock Cafe Date:Tuesday 09 Dec 2008 08:22:09
Comments:Hard Rock Cafe thinks Gabbie Rae ROCKS!

Name:Joseph Date:Saturday 06 Dec 2008 07:12:10
Comments:not to be the spoiler but if Gabbie is 10 how is she in a contest for Teens and by the way she is Amazing !!

Name:Sue Clancy Date:Friday 05 Dec 2008 07:13:52
Comments:Good luck Gabbie Rae! You rock!

Ricardo Name:Ricardo Date:Thursday 04 Dec 2008 16:24:24
Comments:Greetings to one and all... Wow, really a great job by all!! You all made it very difficult to pick a winner!! I wish all of you success as all of you are talented singers!! So who did I choose... Well of course I chose ........ LOL!!

Name:SteveD Date:Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 19:27:01
Comments:Fantastic voice GabbieRae I've seen this little girl alot of times one word somes it up AMAZING

Name:Wild Wilson Date:Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 15:07:22
Comments:You've been working hard and growing as well as your voice from the first time I heard you I hope you'll remember the Wildman when you're at the top, not that you're not tops already! All the best!

Name:Sheila Date:Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 14:51:07
Comments:Great voice Gabbie, I pray you go far with your gift from God.

Name:Doug Jones Date:Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 11:49:02
Comments:Everyone has their own groove and impace, but Gabbie Rae is so powerful, you are moved to chills with her vocals and performance....

Name:Diandra Date:Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 09:13:21
Comments:I think all these singers have a gift and this was by far the hardest competition to judge. I hope each of you will continue on your journey with singing and share your gift with all those out there, especially now when so many people want to hear the soothing voice of your talent. Music takes the pain away and takes us all to another plane...if only for a moment in time! God Bless!

Name:Christine Beattie Date:Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 08:59:02
Comments:I have been watching Gabbie for several years and have never seen anyone with such talent, dedication, and tenacity! She is not afraid of hard work and with all the fame she is acheiving she is still the same sweet girl I met in the beginning. When she is a BIG STAR she will remember the little people!

Name:Faith Leonard Date:Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 08:51:54
Comments:I heard this little girl sing in person. She has an amazing voice.

Name:bud napolio Date:Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 08:46:12
Comments:THIS YOUNG Lady is destined to be a star,,,,,,,,,,what a voice .....america,we are in for a treat,,,,,,,she will only get better and better,,,,,,,,

Gabbie Rae Name:Heidi Lynn Date:Tuesday 02 Dec 2008 20:23:41
Comments:All the singers are very talented - Gabbie Rae shines - her style is very soulful and her pitch is amazing. What an amazing 10 year old singing sensation. Good Luck Gabbie Rae!

Faith BroKar Name:Faith BroKar Date:Tuesday 02 Dec 2008 16:40:56
Comments:Very pretty and clear voice!

Faith BroKar Name:Faith BroKar Date:Tuesday 02 Dec 2008 16:40:56
Comments:Very pretty and clear voice!

Name:Jose Blundell Date:Tuesday 02 Dec 2008 16:30:26
Comments:Casey lynn was the only one I couldn't listen too.

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